Merchant Customer Refund Guidelines

KOOFAMILY views food safety the accuracy of all orders made on the KOOFAMILY platform seriously. Not only does it provides customer satisfaction, but at the same time, it solidifies the brand name as a trusted Merchant Partner within the KOOFAMILY platform. This is why KOOFAMILY has been happy to refund customers on behalf of Merchant Partners for a variety of reasons, such as missing or incorrect orders as well as a variety of food-related complaints as stated in the table below.

Refunds, however, are just a quick fix. What really matters is minimizing errors in the orders. To achieve this, we need to work together so that a long term solution of reducing customer complaints can be attained and refunds may be kept to a minimum.

Starting from 3 August 2020, Koofamiles shall enforce the Customer Refund on all Merchant-Partners following the relevant categories below. Do note that all Merchant-Partners will be given a 4 week grace period before refund is charged. Once the 4 week grace period is up, KOOFAMILY shall deduct a portion of the refunds from the Merchant-Partner’s wallet weekly, at the store level, subject to the threshold of orders as determined below.

 Thresholds of orders with issues are stated as follows, and are at the store level:

  1. Complaints exceed 1% of total weekly completed orders, AND
  2. Number of complaints received exceed the threshold of 3 for the whole week


 Customer refund amount and examples can be found in the table below:


Customer Refund Amount from Merchant


Spoiled Food OR Undercooked Food

Full Item Value*

- Isolated incidents involving spoiled and undercooked food, before and/or after consumption that if consumed, may cause life-threatening injuries or severe health issues.

- Examples include maggots, decomposing and rotting meat, raw meat and face-value reports of rotting food producing a sourish smell.

Food poisoning

Full Item Value*

- Food poisoning resulting in death during, immediately after or in the days after consumption of food delivered by GrabFood.

- Multiple food poisoning incidents involving the same merchant within 24 hours, leading to hospitalisation and/or clinical visits.

- Isolated food poisoning incident leading to hospitalisation and/or clinical visits.

Foreign Object in Food

Full Item Value*

- Isolated incidents involving hazardous items in food, before and/or after consumption, that if consumed, may cause life-threatening injuries or severe health issues.

- Examples of hazardous items include sharp metal objects (nails, razor blades, pins, staples) and pests (cockroaches, rat droppings, mosquitoes).

Incorrect Order

Maximum RM3.50 nett per order

- Items received by the customer were different from what was ordered.

Missing Order

Maximum RM3.50 nett per order

- Part of the order (or whole order) was missing.

Food Burnt

Maximum RM3.50 nett per order

- Food was overcooked, possibly not consumable.

- The chef was likely careless or lacks skill resulting in parts of food being burnt or charred.

*Inclusive of Tax, Less Commission and Merchant Funded Campaigns/Discounts (if any)

*Note that the above list is not fixed and is subject to revision by koofamilies.


For instances where Merchant Funded Promos at an order level is more than the value of the item with issue, the promo value on an item level will be calculated as (item value/total order value) * promo applied. Refer to the table below for a detailed breakdown.



Order Value (Pre Tax and Commissions)


Value of Item with Issue


Merchant Funded Promo

RM10 off Total Order with Minimum RM20 Spend

KOOFAMILY’s Calculation on Promo Value for Item with Issue

(RM5/RM20) * RM10 = RM2.50

SST at 6%

(Item Value - Promo Value of Item) * SST


(RM5 - RM2.50) * 0.06 = RM0.15

Customer Refund From Merchant

Item Value + SST - Commissions - Promo Value of Item


RM5 + RM0.15 - Commissions - RM2.50


 Instruction for OTP (please ignore if you have done this before):


For further clarification on the mechanics of the Customer Refund Guidelines, please write in via Email Our Official Email Adress: [email protected]